Winter Coats : How To Find A Perfect Fit

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I love layering up sweaters, adding cozy scarves and tossing on my trench to keep warm in the fall but the cold temps of the next couple of months will call for a proper coat everyday. January is a great time to shop for coats as most will be on sale at this point in the season.

Here are some tips on building perfect coat wardrobe.
What To Look For In Winter Coat?

At minimum, your coat wardrobe should consist of two options – one dressier wool coat and one casual puffer coat. If you have these two, you should be ready for pretty much any occasion. Choose a winter coat made of wool in a versatile neutral such as camel or off-white. Forget the idea that you need one black coat and one brown, this color will go with your blacks, browns and any other color you’re wearing.

Winter Coat Styles 2016

Choose a versatile neutral for you puffer as well. This gray will go with almost anything but you could also go with a black, brown, off-white or even dark eggplant.

When you’re ready to expand your winter coat wardrobe, add another wool coat in a different neutral color family. If you went with camel for your first, try a black or gray option this time. Now that you have your basics down, find a fun option in a bold color to mix things up!

Also think about adding a couple of short options to your outerwear wardrobe. Sometimes a long winter coat doesn’t work with certain dress or skirt lengths. A (faux) fur jacket is a great option for dressing up when you have a dressier formal or cocktail event to attend. Add elbow length leather gloves to keep your arms warm with this three quarter sleeve option. A leather jacket is another versatile option that can be worn with skirts, dresses or pants.

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