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What Are Privacy Screens-What are the benefits of privacy screens

What Are Privacy Screens? What are the benefits of privacy screens?

Have you heard of privacy screens? Privacy screens are a low-cost home addition that allows total peace of mind to go about your daily routine without the trepidation of neighbours or passers-by being able to look in on you. Don’t make the mistake of believing that fixing your privacy concerns are a one-size-fits-all affair. Finding the right solution to fit your home’s specific needs requires a sophisticated and tailored approach to finding your home’s exposed areas and covering them with style.


Everyone deserves the right to their own space. Your home is your safe haven, and where you seek relaxation and refuge from the outside world. Everybody wants to do what they want in their own home and feel total privacy doing so. Instead of waiting several decades for the oak tree in your front yard to grow in exactly the right spot to shield you from your neighbours, take advantage of the stylish privacy screens on offer from Jim’s Security doors in Victoria.


Privacy screens are semi-detached screens constructed as a row of 35

Privacy screens are semi-detached screens constructed as a row of 35° angled slats that block people from seeing beyond them. Due to the way the screens are designed, they prevent you from seeing too far down, which is respectful of your neighbours’ privacy also. Gone are the days when you had to close your house off with heavy curtains and sacrifice sunshine for dark, cold rooms.  Privacy screens are a fantastic alternative to blinds as the tilted louvres allow simultaneous sun and light alongside total privacy. The screens are built outside your home, so you can even open your window while maintaining your sense of privacy.


What are the benefits of privacy screens?

As well as wanting privacy for personal reasons, keeping your home private also offers you additional homeowner security. Often, robberies occur in homes that have been earlier canvassed or ‘window-shopped’ for the property’s layout, allowing the perpetrator to plan entry and escape routes and scope out valuables. By having your windows covered 24/7, you give yourself that extra peace of mind.


Can privacy screens only be installed on your window?

No, as well as windows, screens can add a cover to backyards, pools, patios and other entertaining areas. Privacy screens used outdoors can help as a barrier between overly harsh sunlight and wind for your comfort. Jim’s Securities Doors offers their privacy screens in corrosion-resistant aluminium, which withstands all elements. Privacy screens also provide a stylish and modern aesthetic feature to your home.

What regulations do privacy screens have to meet?

Privacy screens are a relatively hassle-free and cheaper alternative to fencing; however, some rules are still required when choosing and installing your screens. In Melbourne, this can differ slightly across local councils. The two main things to be aware of are the height and how close to a property boundary the screen is built. Additional rules will apply if you intend to use privacy screens for multiple purposes, e.g. to meet your house’s fencing requirements or pool areas.


What are additions/alternatives to privacy screens?

Privacy screens can be utilised to provide a total block out or a partial covering to windows and outside areas. Depending on your taste, you can alternate property privacy measures or use them in addition to your screens.

Inside the house, you could have:

  • Frosted or tinted glass;
  • High-set windows; or
  • Curtains/blinds;

Outside the house, you can utilise:

  • Gates or fences;
  • Shrubbery, trees or other shielding foliage; or


How much do privacy screens cost?

Privacy screens vary in cost dependant on size, placement and if they are custom-designed for you. Jim’s Security Doors offers free measurement, quotes and installation. Ring our friendly customer service team on 13 15 46 to find out more information.




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