Tips on Wearing Plus Size Casual Dresses to Flatter Your Shape

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It is important to find plus size casual dresses that flatter your shape. But even if you find the perfect casual dress, if you wear it with the wrong accessories you can look larger than you really are or draw the attention to the wrong areas of your body. Here are some tips on wearing your casual dress so that you flatter your shape, look confident and can enjoy your day ahead.

Vertical Stripes Are the Way to Go

Think that you can never wear stripes again? Think again! Vertical stripes are perfect for those looking for plus size casual dresses. They help to make a person look longer and this helps to make them look thinner than they really are. You can add to this by wearing dark tights or with a pair of heels to make your legs look longer.

Take the Focus Away from the Problem Area 

A casual dress with a lot of detail around the bust may look pretty but is it best for you? If you have a large chest area, choosing something that adds detail there could be the worst thing that you could do. The detail will draw eyes to this area so there is more focus on it. This leads to people noticing how large your chest area is. The same applies to casual dresses that are low cut. They make the chest look larger and draw more attention to it.

On the other hand, you may find that this is beneficial for those with smaller chests and larger hips. You will be able to draw the attention to the good areas and take it away from the problematic ones. Think about the areas that you would like to cover up and concentrate on those that you want to show off.

Think Before You Add a Belt

Belts can help or hinder. This depends on the style of belt, the reason for adding it and where it is placed. Belts higher around the waist can help to create an owl glass figure. This is more flattering and to make you look much thinner than you really are. The best way to do that is with a belt that matches the color of your dress or accessories and does not have too much detail.

On the other hand, a belt can draw attention to the more problematic areas, such as wearing one around your hips. The same applies if there is a tie on the dress around the hips. This helps thinner people add more but does not work so well for plus sizes since it add more detail and draws the eyes to the places that you don’t want to.

Adding Jewelry and Accessories

Jewelry and accessories often cause problems when wearing casual dresses. Low chains will often draw the attention to the bust line. This is great if you want to show off this area but bad if this is your more problematic area. Short chains can make your shoulders look bulkier, which could cause you to look larger than you really are.

Take the time to look at the plus size casual dresses and find something that will flatter your shape. This involves thinking about pattern and stripes on the dress and the accessories that you wear with it. Keep the detail away from the problematic areas and focus on the ones that you want to show off to make yourself look thinner and have more confidence.

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