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Spending Money On Cosmetics

Written by lerytownsvil

Spending money on cosmetics is a big lure for most women. The cosmetics shopping habit is really inspired by four things women love to do :

1)      Spending money on themselves

2)      Buy things that make them look good

3)      Indulge in small sparkling packages, the same way they do jewelry

4)      Use cosmetics like they use arts and crafts

Women often feel the desire to spend money on themselves. It gives a therapeutic lift to their spirits when they venture out to buy a new cream or a new bag of makeup. Sometimes, women just to throw away the entire cosmetics bag and start over. One reason is because makeup containers aren’t as appealing after they have been tossed about for a few months in a purse. Women love brand-new makeup in clean bright containers. If they ever feel a need for a pick-me-up, they run out to the store for new eye shadow or blush. Guys do the same thing with tool for the home repair or a home remodeling project.

The problem with this “spend me happy” habit is that cosmetics are outrageously expensive these days. An entire bag of makeup from a major cosmetics company can cost over $200. A simple tube of lipstick at the counter can cost $25. Women would be shocked if they knew that the lipstick cost the manufacturer less than $1. The markup in cosmetics is one of the highest industry margins, higher than for cars, clothing, or technical products. The reason cosmetics companies charge such high prices is because women will pay them. As women, we feel the need to spend money even if we think the price is high.

Spending to Look Good

Looking good is important for women. They absorb the model and celebrity images around them every day and aspire to these. For guidance and latest fashion trends, girls look to magazines or television or television commercials. With this jar of cream and this tube of mascara, women can look just like the model in the ad. By putting a certain tube of mascara beside the face of a model with the world’s most amazing eyelashes, an advertiser can get women to believe that mascara will make us look like the model. It’s magic. As women, we buy into it because we have a strong desire to look beautiful and glamorous.

Women like pretty packages

Buying cosmetics is a lot like buying jewelry. We love pretty sparkling gifts. Cosmetics companies spend a tremendous amount of money on making the goods look like gifts. Rushing home from cosmetics counter with our purchases feels a lot like Christmas morning. Some of the items, especially the pretty compacts, look like little jewelry boxes. When the compacts are new and shiny, fresh out of the package, it is like opening a treasure box full of fancy colors, brushes and mirrors. The allure is strong.

Using cosmetics is Like Arts and Crafts

When we were kids, we took great delight in art projects, using color crayons and paint boxes to create our first works of art. As adults, many women don’t get the opportunity to be creative in an artistic way. Makeup can be a form of artistic expression. It occupies the hands and gives us a creative outlet. Girls enjoy putting on makeup sometimes just to see what they can create. It doesn’t matter if the canvas – your face – is the same every day. Perhaps you also share this to some degree.

Cosmetic counter are banking on the artist who is tucked away in all of us. The latest trends today are to present makeup that makeup artists use. Makeup counters are set up in a very artistic style, almost as if the salesperson were about to paint a masterpiece. The brushes have gotten bigger, fancier and, of course, more expensive. The fancy tools touch the hearts of our artistic souls. Do they wake up an artist inside YOU?

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