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Seven Tips for Choosing a Decorative Security Door to Suit Your Home

Seven Tips for Choosing a Decorative Security Door to Suit Your Home

Did you know that security doors can be decorative and ornate? Security doors come in a range of different styles, designs, and colours. They are beautiful to look at and can protect your home and household from burglars.

Coming home should be a moment of relief and relaxation, no matter how long you’ve been away. Our front doors and back doors are the gateways to our sanctuary. And we look at them a lot, so it’s important that we love what we see. Fortunately, making your home secure does not mean making it look like a prison. Jim’s Security Doors Melbourne have a range of designs and colours for doors and windows that balance style and security.

1. Work with your home’s style

Some front doors are works of art. We understand why you don’t want to hide it behind a heavy security door. Nor do you want to come home one day to see your feature door being the reason your home has been robbed. The diamond grille security door is a classic, but it doesn’t suit every style of home, nor every homeowner.

Jim’s Security Doors has cast aluminium grilles in a range of styles. The experts will be able to help you choose a security door that protects your home and still shows off your feature door. The heritage grilles go with any type of mesh. Lightweight fibreglass mesh, one-way privacy mesh and heavier pet mesh are excellent choices. All styles of mesh team well with a designer grille that looks great, without hiding the main door. Because there are so many styles to choose from, there is bound to be one to suit your home. Take the door’s pattern into consideration. Square stained-glass panels in the top quarter of the door? Look for a design that does not cover the feature but still protects the glass.

2. Don’t forget the side panels

Stained or frosted glass panels look great running down the sides of a front door. They let light, and sometimes colour, into the entrance area during the day. They also allow people inside to get an idea of who might be at the door. Unfortunately, glass side panels can be broken quickly by an intruder, allowing access to unlock the door and let themselves in if the door is not deadlocked. Jim’s Security Doors can custom-make security doors to a wider measure or install matching side panels to protect the glass while not blocking out the light.

4. Consider colour to pop

Are you proud of your brightly coloured front door? Or do love the great first impression your business makes with its entry? Once you have decided on a style, Jim’s Security Doors’ cast-aluminium grilles can be coloured to contrast or complement your existing door. Don’t forget those other vulnerable spots. Window screens and grilles can also be made to match.

5. Heritage factor

Security doors weren’t really a thing when your sweet double-fronted Victorian cottage was built or your grand Californian bungalow or your Art Deco-style apartment, but Jim’s Security Doors have a style to suit any period home without detracting from the aesthetic of the house. The security elements, however, are completely modern and engineered to keep intruders out. Even if your main door itself isn’t in keeping with the period in which the home was built, a heritage-style security door will become part of the home’s aesthetic.

6. Not just a pretty face

Whether opulent or minimalist, patterned with swirls or straight geometric lines, heritage grille security doors can become a feature of your home front. But they are also doing some tough work. The cast aluminium is very strong as well as being resistant to corrosion. The grille is welded to the frame for maximum strength. And Jim’s Security Doors are made and installed to Australian Standards. Jim’s experts will come to your home for a free measure and quote and discuss designs that will suit your specific needs and taste.

7. Make sure it will last

As well as looking like they belong on the house, heritage security doors are made to last for many years. Being made of cast aluminium welded onto an aluminium frame means the heritage screen doors are strong, light and resistant to corrosion.

You can choose mesh that is lightweight or beef up the security factor with PerfGuard Security Doors use a very strong 1.6mm corrosion-resistant aluminium mesh that will not stretch or sag. ScreenGuard Security Doors are impact tested and the woven 316 marines grade stainless steel mesh is also corrosion-resistant. These premium doors are made in Australia to Australian Standards and each comes with a warranty. Jim’s is also available for servicing and repairs to keep your doors protecting your home and looking great.

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