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Natural Ventilation Is Important in a Home

Why Is Natural Ventilation Important in a Home?

A home with good natural ventilation is essentially a healthier home. If you can easily open up your doors and windows to allow fresh outdoor air to replace any stale or noxious air inside your home, your home will be a cooler, cozier, cleaner, and more cost-effective place to live.

Having good ventilation in your home can avoid a build-up of heat in summer, cold in winter, smoke and cooking residue, noxious odours, dust, and airborne bacteria. To ensure that you have good natural ventilation in your home without compromising your home security, you’ll need to think about the types of doors and windows that you have in your home. Without the protection of security mesh on your windows or Security doors, you will be less protected when you open your home to fresh air. Here are some reasons why it’s important to ventilate your home naturally:

Natural air flow cuts your power bill

By letting fresh air circulate your home, built-up heat in summer and chill in winter will be able to escape. While you might still choose to run air conditioning or heating during days with more extreme temperatures, relying on natural ventilation, even if it’s only some of the time, will cut your energy bills.

Removing water vapour

Natural ventilation can help to remove or lessen water vapour from inside your home. If you allow water vapour to accumulate (typically in the kitchen or bathroom of a home), it can result in mould growth, which can cause serious issues with your home as well as to your health.


Reducing the build-up of odours

Odours can also be an indication of unhealthy air pollutants in your home. Natural ventilation reduces excessive moisture and humidity levels that lead to mould growth, which can cause a foul odour. Fresh, outdoor air can also remove smells left by pets, cooking and smoking.

 What type of door and window screens do I need for good natural ventilation?

You need to balance your own comfort with a door or window that will actually let fresh air into your home. For instance, if your front door has no screen protection, you will undoubtedly be able to let in a cool breeze! Unfortunately, you’ll also be opening your home up to a plethora of home invaders, from the crawly, winged kind to the more sinister two-legged kind.

Quite simply, if you are not comfortable leaving your door open, you won’t. But if you want to enjoy the benefits of natural ventilation, you’ll need to install some security measures that will allow natural outdoor air to filter through.


Jim’s Security Door Melbourne offers a wide range of door and window screens in Melbourne that allow excellent natural ventilation to circulate your home while still protecting you from home invaders. Consider the following products:

  • PerfGuard security doors are manufactured from 1.6mm thick, corrosion-resistant perforated aluminum sheeting. They are designed to allow clear visual access outside while making it difficult to see through to the inside.
  • ScreenGuard security doors are designed and manufactured in Australia and surpass the Australian Standard for security doors to withstand any attempt to break through, from slashing to levering.
  • Secure entry enclosures provide security to the entire outdoor area of your home. These secure entry enclosures are great for front porches, where you can store your kids’ bikes and roller blades safely outdoors, and for outdoor play areas that allow in the light and fresh air, all while keeping your kids and pets secure against intruders.
  • Diamond grille security doors offer classic home security at a lower price point. These versatile, timeless doors are designed to provide a customisable and economical option for home protection.

A proper design, operation and maintenance of the ventilation system is essential in providing indoor air free from harmful concentrations of pollutants. If you are interested in installing security screens to protect your home’s natural ventilation entrances, click here for more information about Jim’s Security Doors. Or for expert advice on the right security screen for your property, please get in touch with our friendly and experienced sales team on 13 15 46 they will also help you in Property Conveyancing Brisbane.

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