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High Fence Is also the Best Way to Deter Thieves

Is a High Fence the Best Way to Deter Thieves?

Are you wondering whether a high fence is the most effective way to deter thieves? Security doors, cameras, sensor lights and alarms are all known to be highly efficient at preventing a property from being targeted by thieves, but is a high fence also a great way to deter a burglar?

When it comes to our homes, families and possessions, we do everything we can to ensure their safety. But looking at a burglary from your own point of view can be very different from considering how a burglar views your home. Have you ever imagined home invasion through the eyes of a burglar? Do you know what burglars look for? Do you know what gives them an advantage?

From the point of view of a burglar looking to rob your home, there are two key ways to consider high fences and whether they add to or devalue your home security. Let’s explore.

How visible is your home from the road?

  1. Tall fences limit what a thief can see

A solid, high fence blocks the view into your home from the street, thereby stopping thieves from casing your home from the outside. Keeping your valuables invisible from outsiders is an integral part of a home security plan, so from this angle, a high fence is doing its job. However…


  1. Tall fences limit what the neighbours can see

Again, this would appear to be another positive vote for installing high fences. Nobody wants the nosy neighbours looking in! But consider this: if neighbours or passers-by can’t see into your front yard, they also won’t have a chance of seeing someone sneaking around your property. A high fence gives thieves the perfect hiding place to sit quietly and watch your activity – making it easy for them to know when to break in.

Without that tall fence, an intruder is exposed to the outside world. This is not the ideal scenario for them – they like to work unnoticed.

But…I want a high fence!

Understandably, households value the privacy a high fence can offer. There are ways to ensure you keep your household safe while still enjoying your privacy but be sure to think of your fence as a privacy screen rather than a security device.

Look to improve your home’s security from its entrance points

Rather than using your fence to make your property secure, it’s better to barricade your home’s points of entry. Are your doors and windows secure enough to withstand forced entry?

With burglary rates on the rise across Australia, there’s no time like the present to upgrade your home protection with a security door. A Security door Melbourne that meets or exceeds Australian Standards will deter burglars looking for an easy way in – they know a quality door when they see one. Without a security door, a burglar can, in most cases, pick a lock or simply break through the door to gain entry to your home. An Australian Standards approved security door will present a more challenging obstacle to burglars because they are designed to withstand forced entry attempts.

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