How to Choose A Stylish Watch

Written by lerytownsvil

From timeless elegance to sporty chic, some women have been inspired to start collecting watches because they have finally realized that one watch won’t work just with everything, and besides, it is fun.

You don’t have to buy ladies watches in all styles but you do need to consider them, just as you would consider your jewelry, in the overall look you are creating. Here are some of the most common mistakes that women make with choosing a stylish watch:

  • wearing a watch that doesn’t make any statement as your outfit such as a sporty look with business attire;
  • ladies watch that has a band in color that doesn’t go with your outfit or doesn’t look good with your skin tone;
  • wearing a watch that has gold on it when you are wearing silver jewelry or vise versa – buy a watch that combines both gold and silver or just be mindful what jewelry you wear with the watch that you already own.
  • wearing a watch that has a face too white for your skin – in this case the watch will look inexpensive. An off-white or cream face is so much richer looking.

You can always keep your watch in a purse if it doesn’t go well with what you wear. My friend happens to love wearing mens watches as her style isn’t delicate. But if she happens to wear a feminine styled silk suit, she wouldn’t wear a man’s watch – if she happens to need to know the time, she would do without a watch.

Watches will always be in style. Just remember to think about a watch as another stylish accessory that should play along with your outfit and look, and you will never be wrong when choosing a stylish watch.

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