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Heel it up the Right Way

Written by lerytownsvil

Heels form an indispensable part a woman’s wardrobe. It makes them look sexier and taller, and heighten up their confidence. Be it any dress or event, there are heels to match every occasion. Women wear heels in all seasons as per their purpose of wearing them. These days a growing number of women are wearing heels with formal attire to complete the look. It’s a fast catching trend in the corporate world. Around 72% of women wear heels and around 39% of them wear it on a daily basis. More than 58% of women purchased heels previous year. So what makes woman desire heels so much.

There are different reasons for every woman; some love it as a fashion statement, some to appear taller and some to enhance their legs. Around 82% of the women wear to look more fashionable and 54% to look more striking. Whatever be the reason, it is an undoubted and unanimous fact that women find heels irresistible.  There are many styles of heels to choose from to compliment every dress and event. But some dominate over others, here a list for a quick heel style guide:

  • Pumps heels: Worn with dresses and formals, they give a woman an accentuated look. The heel size is minimum 2 inches, with low cut front with rounded toes.
  • Sandals: They look amazing with casual flowery dresses in summers. These heels make a woman legs looks slender. 
  • Wedge Heels: These are for women who look for comfort apart from looks as well. Their heel height runs from the front to back, making them a comfort wear. These heels are usually worn with casual clothes. 
  • Sling back heels: These heels accentuate the female figure with focus to make your legs look prettier. With rounded or pointed toes with a back strap they have over 2 inch heel height. 
  • Kitten Heels: These heels are best to wear regularly to office and for taller woman. Their heel height is 1.5-2 inches making them a comfortable option in heels.

So next time , you go shopping , keep in mind these little facts about heels to help you decide which heel to buy for the dress you have been saving for the coming occasion.

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