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Fashion Tips for Men Fighting the Heat

Written by lerytownsvil

t’s hot today. Chances are this won’t be the last time this summer it will be that way. I don’t know about you, but the heat tends to do things to my look that I don’t care for. Here’s some helpful tips on things to combat the heat.

First and foremost, stay hydrated. Your body is going to do many things, the most of which is lose water quicker. Keeping hydrated is not only a safe and healthy thing to do, but it will help your body regulate your temperature better and not make your skin get flush and red.

Speaking of red skin, here’s another time I can mention suntan lotion. I mention suntan lotion on any post I can, because I very strongly believe in its use. Suntan lotion in high heat situations like this is important because your body is burning through water quicker, meaning your skin is going to be dryer and more prone to sunburn, too. Suntan lotion is important in general because of various reasons, number 1 on my list being the prevention of skin cancer. Instead of listing all the benefits of a good suntan lotion, I’m just going to stop there and say you should be wearing it, period.

You are inevitably going to sweat. Do not try to prevent this. Your body is meant to sweat to regulate heat. Some people think that if they put a discrete anti-perspirant on over most of their body, it will prevent sweating and therefore make them look better. Trust me when I say that fainting because your body can’t sweat is going to make you look much worse than a little sweat.

Sweat, as far as fashion and looks go, is generally going to affect you the most on the face and hands. A classy and helpful tip I’ve used for years is to keep a hankerchief or small thin towel folded in your back pocket. Pull this out to pat yourself down from time to time when you start to feel sweat accumulate on your body.

If you’re going to be out and about where you know you’ll be doing lots of work or moving in the heat, and can’t get around it (dancing, for instance), you might consider packing a couple extra undershirts. T-shirts underneath your button-down may seem like they’ll just make you hotter, but that extra barrier will also protect your button-down shirt from direct sweat, and can be changed from time to time pretty quickly to keep you dry.

I hope these tips help you to keep cool (ha!) in the heat. They have certainly helped me, as I always tend to sweat more than I want!

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